Our Story

We're owners Joe & Kim and in 2019 we took the plunge and established

Little Happy Hut. A stunning, vintage inspired mobile caravan

bar, coffee and catering caravan with the purpose of providing the complete

and ultimate experience to your event!  

With a whopping 23 years experience in event organisation/management

gained in London and Australia, coupled with our passion for creating

epic events, it was a given that this is where we were headed and so we bring you

Lola, Little Happy Hut Mobile Caravan Bar. 


We started this unique business with big plans in mind.

Not just a BYO Caravan Bar but to offer so much more and, as such, we are always

adding to our products and services! We always strive to be the best by

providing high quality service, products, advice and utilising 

our extensive experience. 


Lola, Little Happy Hut Caravan Bar is so versatile, we've catered for large weddings, 

festivals, corporate, sporting events, to the most intimate functions. 

There's no stopping us!


Both from London, Little Happy Hut has a British twist.

We love music and if you follow Spotify, you will find our Little Happy Hut

playlist 'London Calling' full of British Rock legends. We love to get

creative and offer Playlist Design. With your input, we will personalise and create the ultimate party playlist for your event.  


It's fair to say, we are lucky enough to bring our passion to life through 

our business and your events.  Both perfectionists with a huge mix of fun, it's these

qualities that will help you to create the most 'memorable' event. 

Perfect for your next event, you'll love this stylish and fun pop up caravan bar!

See you there.  


Joe & Kim


0426 189 446

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